by Jason Nadeau

Who is the
Hockey Advocate?

What is The Hockey Advocate?

The Hockey Advocate has returned and is here to answer the tough questions. Most Players and their Families are kept in the dark by the hockey industry because it’s in their best interest to limit your choices and decision making skills. With twelve years experience throughout the hockey world, the Hockey Advocate has picked up a few useful bits of hockey knowledge and has decided to share his ‘wisdom’ – such that it is – with those people who might actually benefit from it, the minor and junior hockey players and their parents.

The Hockey Advocate is dedicated to providing the answers that they don’t want you to know…

This is the only place you can find such an abundant collection of well researched, unbiased and vital informational articles from a Veteran Professional Hockey Insider on Minor Hockey, The NCAA, The Canadian Hockey League (OHL & WHL) and Tier II Junior A.

This information just doesn’t exist anywhere else! 

The Hockey Advocate was first published in 2010 with over 1000 dedicated readers daily. While the Advocate is retired from the Industry, his advice and articles are still relevant today and can hopefully continue to help parents and players as they navigate the world of hockey.  

All of the articles posted were originally published from 2010-2016. I am doing my best to update them as possible, but unfortunately, some facts and details have changed. I tried to curate these articles to include those that are as ‘timeless’ as possible. That is to say, articles that present valid information – that is still relevant today. If you see an out-of-date fact, please let me know and I will fix it directly and edit my article to reflect those changes immediately. If you disagree with my conclusions… Thanks for reading! But seriously, feel free to drop me a polite message and I’ll be happy to debate with you respectfully!

Who is the Hockey Advocate?

Jason Nadeau is retired from the world of Professional Hockey with over 12 Years experience in the hockey industry. He has extensive experience in 17 countries and all of the major leagues in the world as a professional player, professional coach, professional player agent and professional scout. Jason was the President of Nadeau Sports Management (NSM) and the main contributor to the Hockey Advocate.

Jason has a Master’s Degree in Criminology and International Law from the prestigious University of Oxford in England. His overall experience is in this area of International Law, Mediation and Negotiation resulted in his being hired to work for the United Nations in Vienna as a Rapporteur for these areas, as well as an international consultant for the Canadian Government. He was born in Vancouver, Canada and played two seasons of Minor Professional Hockey in Europe. He has one year of European Professional Coaching Experience as well as two years experience running a European University Hockey Program as a Coach. In addition, he has 10 years of international experience as a professional agent and professional scout.

He is a Best Selling Author of the three Best Selling “Hockey Advocate Essential Series” on the NCAA, Junior & U16 Hockey. In 2020, he published the Amazon.ca Best Selling Book, “Extraordinarii: Elite Executive Skills – An Exclusive Approach to Developing Executive Skills.”