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Prospect Exposure Camps – Junior A Tier II & Junior B

by Jason Nadeau

Junior A Tier II & Junior B

Overall, I would argue that if you are looking at being seen for the first time by Junior B and Junior A Tier II clubs, it is at this level where this type of event is most beneficial.

Most of these teams have limited or even ZERO budget for their National or USA recruiting and a mega prospect camp is the perfect place for them to do a big chunk of their homework and player assessment for little cost. They certainly have more value then going to one or two rookie camps for an individual clubs.

On a side note, this is also a great place for Junior A & B clubs to make a lot of ‘sales’ for their own teams’ rookie camps spots. By that I mean, they need to fill so many rookie or prospect camp spots for their own clubs, for later in the summer, which of course helps to pay their bills for the next season. Everyone, needs to cover their expenses and make a buck, but be aware that they need a certain amount of volume and if you are going to choose a team’s camp to attend, make sure that you are going with a legitimate opportunity, not simply another guy going through the revolving door who helps pad their bottom line.

In general, if your primary goal is to gain exposure to Junior teams, more is gained through a direct tryout.

So if you are a typical above average player who has been overlooked or didn’t get drafted, these types of events are excellent for you to find a Junior team for the future. Ensure to use this event to learn how to showcase and as one part of your exposure plan in marketing yourself properly.

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Cam Cleland July 17, 2021 - 8:56 PM

This is exactly where we are with my son is, he has made significant jump in ability, just need exposure, had a rookie camp for jr a team, I think he was in top 5 % of camp , did not even get a invite to main camp, I’m 60 don’t have rose glasses, so just concerned that future camps are cash takes, with only weeks to process to any other teams, maybe that’s just what is this year, withcovid back up, but shit , kid is pretty good player .


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