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CHL Scholarships & CIS College Placement

by Jason Nadeau

CHL Scholarships & CIS Placement

6 Important questions to consider when you have earned your CHL Scholarship money.

1) Does your coach have good CIS contacts across the country?
2) Does he care about helping you with CIS placement, when compared to promoting his NHL drafted players?
3) If your son has not been in school for 2-3 years, not to mention that we know education is NOT the #1 priority for your son when he was playing as a rookie or 2nd year player in the WHL, is he prepared to study effectively at a university level?
4) Does he qualify academically to get into a good school?
5) Does he realize that just because he has ‘scholarship’ money, this does not mean that a CIS team has to let him play for their team.
6) Do you have a plan for your academic career at the university level without hockey in the picture?

If you can answer these questions then you will be well on your way to getting an education after hockey.

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