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When to Sign in the CHL Introduction

by Jason Nadeau

Hi Everyone,

Well it has been two weeks since my last article, sorry for the delay. I started the resarch on this one and quickly found myself with 15 hand written pages of information. That was WAY TOO much so I spent the better part of the last week editing. Throw in scouting a half a dozen hockey games and a few client emergencies and here we are!!! I hope you enjoy this new series!!!??!!!

When to Sign in the CHL (WHL/OHL)?

The eternal question for all hockey prospects in North America is IF they should sign in the WHL or its other CHL brethren the QMJHL or OHL? Now, this issue is so big, I can’t really give you advice worth listening to without knowing your individual circumstances. In fact, my position is that choosing between the CHL or NCAA is entirely dependent upon your own specific situation and there is no general ‘correct’ answer or path to follow.

I would actually put aside the issue of IF and concentrate on the one that I can provide some insight on, WHEN should you sign in the WHL/CHL? I have put together an INNOVATIVE and ORIGINAL statistical examination of the WHL that analyses how many games are played by first and second year prospects. This should provide an interesting look at who actually gets ice-time and IF it is in your best interest to sign and play as soon as possible or to wait and explore other options.

This will be a multi-part discussion that examines two seasons in the Western Hockey League, the 2007-08 & 2008-09 seasons. I don’t want to just throw a bunch of stats at you because it will be too convoluted to wade through. I think the best approach will be to break down each discussion point by issue and statistical results and then provide my conclusions. Hopefully, this will allow you a point of reference from which to make up your own mind on your best career path. And if you have already made a decision, this information should at least provide you with a benchmark to evaluate your current progress by.

If anyone is interested in the Raw Statistical Data let me know, I have the PDF files saved somewhere.

I will divide it up and provide you with the results throughout four articles below. Enjoy!

WHL When to sign – Undrafted Players

When to Sign in the WHL Article U16

When to Sign in the WHL Article – Regular Players

When to Sign in the WHL Article – Star Players

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