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Call-Ups CHL Exception

by Jason Nadeau

AP & Callups Part 2 – The WHL/OHL Exception

The funny thing about being the hockey advocate is that when you are wrong or missing all of the facts, one of my thousands of readers quickly informs me of my misdeeds! Now the benefit of having the extensive network of contacts that I have in the hockey world, when I’m not 100% on a topic, I just need to pick up the phone or send on a bunch of emails and I generally find out the correct answer.

So what did I get wrong? Well, I posted an ASK Jason Article on AP Status & Call-Ups. It was pointed out to me that I had over looked one important part of the discussion with regards to the CHL (OHL/WHL).


Hi Jason,

Great articles! It’s funny, I was just reading on HC site about AP’s. I read that a midget player can AP to both Junior A/B and Major Junior. But not Junior A and B.


So what did I overlook in my discussion? It seems that the CHL or Major Junior has a special status when it comes to call-ups especially when compared with other Hockey Canada Junior programs. How does that apply to you? My answer to ‘S’ below should shed some light on the situation.

Hey S,

It seems I need to add a revision/part 2 to the article. I quickly made a number of calls to WHL GM’s and met with a few scouts in person while I was scouting a tournament over the weekend and managed to come up with a more definitive and comprehensive answer.

Strictly speaking there is no AP in the CHL as it compares to Junior A Tier II in such leagues as the BCHL or SJHL or the Junior B level.

The CHL as an organization appears to be the exception to the rule in relation to Hockey Canada. There is one set of rules for the CHL and then there is the Hockey Canada Guidelines that minor hockey and the various junior leagues under the Hockey Canada umbrella have to adhere to. So the people from Hockey BC and Canada weren’t incorrect in what they told me, they just were not addressing the whole picture…

There are 2 ‘AP’ like statuses in the CHL, a roving affiliate for under age players and a ‘amateur’ status like call up.

In both of these ‘AP status’ situations, you are able to leave your minor hockey or Junior B Team and then return while maintaining your AP status with another organization such as the your local Elite Midget League or Junior A (Hockey Canada CJHL member club) team.

But in both spots, it is important to realize that the CHL has already either drafted you or you are on their LIST, so you are already their ‘property’. In all other AP situations, you are signing away your exclusive rights at that level for the remainder of the season only. In the CHL scenario, you aren’t automatically released at seasons end as you still remain on their protected list. This might be a minor difference, but it has another rather disproportionate consequence.

Since you have to sign a Contract to play in the CHL this affects your status vastly differently especially vis-à-vis the NCAA… As you know, from my previous article NCAA Eligibility Facts even if it is just a one game AP contract, you are still losing your NCAA eligibility by doing so.

So in short, YES, you can AP with the OHL or WHL and another team, but you cannot AP with a minor hockey club and a Junior A or Junior B Club at the same time.

I hope this helps to further sort out this issue.

I’m glad you brought this up.



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