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Call-Ups – Affiliate Player Status (AP)

by Jason Nadeau

Call-Ups: Affiliate Player Status (AP)

Subject: Affiliate Player Status (AP)

Message Body:

Jason, my son has been told by two Junior B clubs that they would like to affiliate him. Can he be affiliated by more than one club or does he have to make a choice? What about Minor Hockey Call ups or Major/Minor Midget?

Great question. I thought that this answer would be easy to confirm but I literally had to make multiple calls to both Hockey Canada and Hockey BC to get a direct answer that actually made sense. In fact, I got multiple opinions from both organizations. There was confusion over minor hockey AP’s versus junior AP’s but I’ve managed to sort things out.

1) You can ONLY sign and be affiliated by 1 team at ANY level.

Essentially, that team would ‘own’ his rights moving forward for the rest of the current season.

2) At the Junior level, typically you can play a max of 6-8 games before they have to offer you a permanent card for the rest of the season.

If you are an under-aged player – meaning if you are a first year midget (U17) player – then you can ONLY play 5 Games during the regular season, with the option to play additional games once your minor hockey team is eliminated at the end of the season’s playoffs.

3) There is also a final signing date in Dec/Jan (Depending on League) after which if you play so many games they need to card you if they want you play any more. Keep this in mind and find out the deadline that affects you!

4) If you are on a Bantam (U16) or midget team (U18) and want to get called up to the next minor hockey level (NON-Junior Call-up), then you would have to be AP’d by that team and that team alone. In other words, if you were a Bantam player who was AP’d to the Midget A team for a tournament, that would preclude you from AP’ing at any other level.

5) At the Midget level (U17-19) if you were to AP with the elite AAA or AAAA (Major / Minor Midget) regional team, you CANNOT AP with a Junior team as well, at any level be it CHL or Junior B.

6) This also means you are NOT supposed to practice with any other team if you are already AP’d somewhere else. For example, I’ve had clients who tried out for Jr B / A Teams in the fall but ended up back in Midget hockey. They were AP’d with the local AAA Midget program and were then unable to practice with the Junior team as well. This doesn’t mean that you cannot ‘unofficially’ skate with another team, but I leave those grey areas to your imagination…

So basically, make sure the team in question is where you want to play this year. Because when you commit to them, you belong to them for the rest of the season.

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