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Being a Professional Player Starts Younger than You Think

by Jason Nadeau

Being a Professional Player

As an Agent, I always tried to reveal one important truth to my clients. Once you move beyond the U14 level and you are focusing on exploring ANY future REP hockey opportunities – be they Junior, college or professional – You are now a professional player. You have to treat how you train, think and act from the perspective of being a professional. Everyone else in the industry is already doing the same thing so you cannot afford to remain in the dark.

Know your rights, know what you can and cannot do.

Do NOT be pressured into a playing situation that is against your best interests.

Make sure you take the time to find out EVERYTHING that you need to know.

Explore every option you have in advance of having to make a life changing choice.

A player can in fact give selflessly to the team on and off the ice to win a championship but at the same time he has to be realistic in his approach to the business side of the game.

Business is Business Do NOT forget this Fact!

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