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NCAA D3 comparisons

by Jason Nadeau

This article came from an ASK Jason Question submitted by a reader.

“Hello, I’m wondering what is the hockey level in the NESCAC league (NCAA Division 3) in comparison to the CIS league in Canada. What can the NESCAC be compared to?”

Hey Vincent,

Well I’ll give you a brief run down on the NESCAC or even Div III NCAA in general versus the CIS.

Overall, it is safe to say that the CIS on average is a better league. I probably couldn’t have said that 5-7+ years ago. That said, individual D3 teams can compete in the CIS. The main reason for the disparity in talent is the fact that more and more CHL major junior players are taking advantage of their full ride scholarships, which they didn’t do in the past.

So what you are seeing are more and more cis teams made up completely of ex-ohl-whler’s. On the whole they will be superior talents to those who end up in D3 institutions, typically the Tier II Jr A or Jr B players that are either 3-4th liners or academically inelligable for D1.

The thing you need to look at in Nescac or the other NCAA D3 conferences is that certain programs are better then others for specific reasons. You need to do your homework to figure out which is which, and more importantly the WHY’s of it all.

Traditionally a program like Middlebury has been top 5 in the nation. Also it is a top flight university. So you get a good hockey school combined with an elite level education.

Coaching and ice-time are a mixed bag ranging from volunteer part-time coaches to full blown varsity coaches with good resumes. The CIS on the other hand, should have superior talent in this area.

Basically, if you are considering a D3 option you want to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Cost
2) Level of Education
3) Hockey program

1) Cost – You wont get a scholarship at ANY D3 school. That is their basic rule. However, there are some colleges that are built specifically to attract Canadian players and students. Their price tags aren’t that much more expensive then their Ontario counterparts. Then there are the programs that are 30-40K+. Als0o, some school’s may have attractive student loan or financial aid packages that result in being a 25-50% reduction in costs which is a de facto scholarship. And there are always academic scholarships available.

2) Education – Why are going to a D3 school? It isn’t to go on to become an NHL player. So you need to find a school that is going to give you a diploma worth having. That is not always the case. Heck, there are MANY D1 schools I wouldn’t send my kids too…(If I had any)

3) Hockey – Do they have a full time coach, whats his resume like, what kinda icetime do you get?

I would basically compare the AVERAGE D3 team to the ACAC in Alberta or the former collegiate loop in southern Ontario.

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Hello, I’m wondering what is the hockey level in the NESCAC league in comparison to the CIS league in Canada. What can the NESCAC be compared to ?


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